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Beach Yoga 

Breathe in the fresh ocean air and rediscover the true you! Connect on the beach and become fully alive and fully aware of nature’s gifts. When you allow yourself to be in the moment and capture the true essence of your being, life’s worries begin to fade with the ocean breeze. You are able to lift your feet up through the pebbled sand and discover a path of inner light, gratitude, and inspiration. Located on Jupiter Beach on Sundays at 8am this class is held just South of the Reef Club at beach staircase  #55.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is structured around rejuvenating and healing the body. Experience balance and harmony through a slow and mindful practice designed to release tension, reduce stress and promote relaxation. Yoga props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters, and straps are often used for safe practice, and to allow the body to fully achieve each position comfortably. Held at a slower pace Gentle Yoga focuses on stretching all areas of the body while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. Through gentle yet powerful poses, breath awareness, mantra and meditation you will also learn how to connect with your true heart’s desire. Emphasis is always on self-awareness, breath, and honoring the body.

Morning Sadhana

The word sadhana is a sanskrit word meaning spiritual practice. This all levels practice is consciously sequenced to support the intention of holding a sacred space for self inquiry and creating a mindful entrance into your day. It incorporates a balanced blend of meditation, movement and breath work that will leave you feeling centered, calm and energized for your day.

Soma: A Transformational Breathwork Journey

Held each Wednesday at 5:30pm, Soma is a profoundly powerful tool in one's healing journey. This practice is centered on a continuous, circular breathing practice while lying down. It is akin to a medicine journey and incorporates sound healing instruments and guidance for clearing stuck and stagnant emotional energy. It is contraindicated for people with heart and lung conditions as well as those whom are pregnant or predisposed to seizures. 

Organic Vinyasa

A spontaneously sequenced form of vinyasa flow yoga. This practice encourages mindful exploration of the postures amidst an invigorating combination of fluid movement and deeper, prolonged holds. This practice incorporates elements of vinyasa, breathwork and mindfulness and is ideal for practitioners looking for a practice that is eclectic and inclusive of a well-balanced synthesis of energizing and calming elements.

Strong Vinyasa

Practiced in a warm room, strong vinyasa challenges and inspires practitioners to cultivate an easeful mind while engaged in dynamic, exhilarating movement. Postures are linked together fluidly and married to the breath to create tapas, the fire of discipline that purifies and detoxifies the body and clears the mind. This practice is designed for practitioners looking for a strong physical practice that revitalizes and nourishes one’s Self from the inside out.

Prenatal Yoga

This prenatal class is for women at all stages of pregnancy with no previous yoga experience necessary. It is a short, gentle prenatal yoga practice designed to build strength, while you learn to connect your breath to the asanas. As we flow through this practice you will activate your body while connecting to the light growing within you. It is our intention to make you feel more calm, comfortable and confident with every class through yoga, breathwork, meditation, and discussion. Your prenatal yoga practice will improve your circulation, strengthen the support of your uterus and pelvic muscles as well as help you maintain a limber spine. We will also address the challenges faced in the pregnancy journey all the way through childbirth such as nausea, sciatica, swelling, and even labor. I want to create a safe, open community that allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing.

Restorative Yoga

With the aim to restore the body’s natural capacity for health, this restorative yoga class is a relaxing and supported practice which assists the practitioners to relax their body, through reprogramming the nervous system to support the intention of release.


This practice focuses on opening inner awareness while the body and breath are relaxed, offering you a safe container to retreat from the busy world. This is a receptive practice with the support from a variety of props such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets for completely and effortless relaxation. It is an all-level class, all are welcome! 

Candlelight Restorative + Reiki with Tibetan Bowl Soundbath

With the aim to restore the body’s natural capacity for health, this restorative yoga class is an relaxing and supported practice which assists the practitioners to relax their body, through reprogramming the nervous system and stimulating different part of body and organs.  This practice focuses on mind consciousness and inner awareness while the body and breath are relaxed, offers the practitioners a safe container to withdrawal from the busy world. This is a receptive practice with the support from a variety of props for completely and effortless relaxation. A high frequency of vibration from Tibetan sound bowls together with Reiki energy therapy and aroma therapy will be applied to assist the body’s resting and healing process.  Love to share the space and practice together with you at our beloved temple of LOVE - Kula Yoga Shala!

Soulful Sunday Vinyasa 

Take time to dive deep and honor your spirit on this sacred day. Sundays are a reminder to breathe deep & restore a sense of ease and balance in your life. This practice harmoniously integrates various elements from the yoga tradition’s vast teachings: breathwork, mantra, mudra and meditation accompanied to vinyasa flow yoga & kundalini kriyas. This recipe serves to recharge your system & refresh your spirit. The weekly theme for this practice is drawn from the ongoing changes in our natural surroundings. Through the ritual of connecting with the natural elements, an exploration into the deeper dimensions of Self is awakened.


The yin style blends yoga asanas with Taoist meridian theory and mindfulness meditation techniques. Postures are held in the range of 3-5 minutes with muscles relaxed to target the connective tissue and organ systems. This slower form allows the asanas to be experienced as containers for self-inquiry and receptivity through a gradual attunement to the subtle contours of experience. The practice gradually guides students into deeper layers of interiority. This practice is designed for practitioners looking for a slower-paced, more meditative approach to yoga and offers a great compliment to a power yoga based practice.

Morning Meditation

Center before you enter. An offering to simply hold space for stillness and observation of the inner landscape during the quiet space of the early morning. 

Meditation from the Heart

Meditation from the Heart is the practice of opening the heart and quieting the mind. Through the connection to your heart, you will experience more inner peace, healing, and love. 


In this class you will be guided through a transformative journey using various modalities such as somatic movement like shaking and dancing to arrive fully in your body. From this space, we’ll explore heart-opening practices, stillness, meaningful interpersonal connections, and more. 


Whether you're new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, this class is for anyone seeking deeper clarity, peacefulness, and love within. 

Flow & Sculpt

Flow & Sculpt is a unique combination of yoga, cardio, and strength training designed  to cultivate a full-body work out, while maintaining yogic principles of mindfulness, detachment from expectations and judgment, and the practice of honoring your body. 


This practice weaves the use of light hand weights and high intensity interval training seamlessly into a vinyasa style yoga practice. 


You’re sure to walk away feeling uplifted and refreshed!

For The Curious

For The Curious is a weekly class designed to provide a broad overview and introduction to various philosophies, teachings, and practices from the Yoga and Buddhist traditions. 


This is a perfect opportunity for those that have limited or no experience with yoga or meditation to get a taste of what it is all about in a supportive and guided environment. While each class is crafted with the beginner in mind, those with more experience have an opportunity to gain exposure to topics and practices they may not be familiar with. 


Each class begins with a 15-20 minute introduction to the topic of the week followed by 30 minutes of related practice, and ends with 20-30 minutes of sharing and open discussion among participants, facilitated by the teacher. 


Breadth is the emphasis, so each week a new topic is explored. Practices are typically meditation-oriented and are designed to be accessible to all students, regardless of past experience or physical limitations, though occasionally practices may include mindful movement. 


This class in an opportunity for you to “lay your mat down, and just be human.” 


So often in our lives we get caught up in the doing, and we can forget about the being. Human is a safe space to just be yourself and focus on healing and exploring your inner world. This safe space is created by our openness and our sincere wish to grow. 


It is facilitated though various personal development tools, such as: open communication, heart centered meditations, cathartic/ecstatic dance, journaling and occasionally through powerful emotional expression. 


If you want a space to do some inner work and experience the healing power of communiy, love, and your own beautiful heart - this is the space for you =] . 


So, with my sincerest intention and all my love, you’re so welcome, to just be human with me,

Slowish Flowish

Slowish Flowish is our take on a mellow, juicy, stretchy goodness practice. It moves. But not too fast. It encourages slow, fluid movement affording time to breathe into sensation and honor intuition. Time to sink in. Time to sync up the subtle layers of body, breath, heart, mind, and spirit. A gift of sweet recalibration.

Mindful Flow

A vinyasa style flow with emphasis on mindfulness. This moderately paced practice explores posture from within, encouraging natural movement and awareness of breath. Ideal for all practitioners looking for a practice that blends both meditation and movement. 

QiGong and Gentle Yoga

QiGong is an ancient practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy. It focuses on cultivating and circulating life fore energy ("qi") in the body's meridians through harmonization of gentle movement, breath, and intention. Mirroring the soft, flowing movements of nature, QiGong is a safe and sustainable practice for all ability levels. Paired with the cozy warmth of gentle yoga, this class promotes relaxation and revitalization simultaneously. 

Breathwork + Nidra

This practice combines a blend of traditional yogic pranayama breathing practices followed by a deep guided relaxation practices that brings one close to the realm of sleep (nidra) without actually falling asleep. It is deeply rejuvenating and healing and accessible for all levels of practitioners. A beautiful way to wind down the week. 

The Welcome Mat - For Beginners + Those With A Beginner's Mind

The Welcome Mat is Kula's practice designed both for those who are new to yoga as well as for those looking to practice within a foundational-focused environment. This practice reinforces the core principles of yoga from postural form and alignment, to breathing, and mindfulness practices while deeply immersing you in the full experience of the healing space that yoga provides. 

Community Acro Jam

Held every Friday night at 7:30pm, Acro Jam is a FUN night of  PLAY open to EVERYONE! You don't need a partner or any knowledge of Acro to participate. Just come hang out with this beautiful community of playful spirits and explore a dimension of yoga that empowers us to try new things and have fun doing it. Acro mats are provided and the environment is open and supportive. This class is offered by donation :)


Kula's signature blend of gentle yoga, yin, and restorative yoga. This quiet, inwardly oriented practice is primarily floor-based supporting the nourishment of being deeply connected to the earth. Students are cradled in a safe and supportive container to explore the internal landscape of life and how it is held in the body. This practice is suitable for all levels of practitioners desiring a warm and welcoming space to support nervous system regulation, self integration, and a quiet space of internal reflection and connection. 

And After Class...Stay Awhile. Grab A Coffee or Tea.

Meet A Friend. Enjoy A Book.


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