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Scott Feinberg

Scott counts his blessings as a devoted father, author, yoga teacher and Embodied Insight Coach. Inspired by the deep & beautiful wisdom teachings within Yoga's ancient roots, Scott began practicing yoga in 1998 and teaching in 2002, Scott is an E-RYT 500 hour level teacher with over 20,000 teaching hours and has trained and mentored over 500 yoga teachers since 2009 as the Director of Kula's 200 Hour YTT.

Scott has launched yoga outreach and community service initiatives in over 100 cities across the world through his non-profit work. He has been a presenting faculty member at The Omega Institute, The Caribbean Yoga Conference and The Omega Yoga Conference. He is the author of the book: Reverse Graffiti, The Sacred Art of Unbecoming.

He loves exploring the creative boundaries of yoga having co-led inter-disciplinary retreats and trainings in Peru, Tuscany, Maui, Costa Rica, Jamaica and The Gulf Coast (post Katrina) blending yoga with community service work, the creative arts, mantra, eco-adventure and Enneagram. He is inspired by people who live their live’s boldly and on purpose and most of all, he thoroughly enjoys supporting people in stepping into their authentic Self.

Arienne Wiggins
Studio Manager | Owner of The Shop @ Kula


I remember my first ever yoga class….it was almost 15 years ago. At a time that I was exploring my substance use and what being sober would mean/look like for me.  

We were seated on our mats, waiting, impatiently. Anxious, nervous, crawling out of our skin, scared. 

The teacher instructed us to “relax our eyes”.  


How in the world do I relax my eyes? Don’t they just open and close!?? 

And. I WAS relaxed. My eyes didn’t need relaxing. (They did, in fact, need to relax.  My entire being was wound tighter than a top).

I wanted to bolt.  Just like I had been doing for most of my life.  Running. 

So….although I didn’t know or understand most of what the teacher was saying… I stayed on my mat.  For the first time in my life. I stayed.  

I left that space soon after, but brought something home with me….Me. 

I believed something had always been missing….needed fixing….if I could just find the thing (and I tried all the things) I would be ok. 

I never found “the thing”.

What I did find was a way back….inside.  Where I remembered I was always, already whole and complete. 

I was learning that what had been “missing” was my own Presence. That every time I looked, reached, stepped out and away from myself, I was getting lost deeper in the woods.  

My yoga mat/practice became my way home.  Or maybe it was one of the guides on the path that my own heart was laying out before me.  My heart atlas.  

Which led me to Kula Yoga Shala where I’ve been practicing as a student ever since. 

My studentship eventually shifted from taking classes to embarking on the magic carpet ride that is Kula’s Yoga Teacher Training. And so in the Spring of 2019 I graduated from my 200 hour YTT and forever changed the trajectory of my life.  

Since that time I was invited to be Kula’s social media coordinator, given the great honor and privilege of being a mentor in the subsequent teacher trainings, completed The Brilliance Academy Empowerment Coach certification with Amy Lombardo, host the women’s group “Wonder for Women”, and in early 2020 stepped into the role as Studio Manager. (What a year!!!) 


My process has not been linear….it has taken a while to get my bearings….like walking out of the darkness into the sunshine. And. I am so very grateful to those that have walked along side me with their flashlights (literally, their heart lights) as I made my way home. 

My hope is that I may be a flashlight for you when you need it. 

Dana Murphy

Dana is a certified Qoya teacher and has been a practicing licensed massage therapist for over 10 years. She has a passion for healing intuitive bodywork and for dance. Her path includes many wonderful practices such as yoga, qigong, dance, breathwork, and meditation.


Qoya weaves it all together and makes the movement simple, meaningful, and so fun! Dana truly feels that movement is medicine and a powerful healing modality that gets us back into our bodies, frees us from restrictions, opens our hearts and our minds, and reminds us of our true essence that is wise, wild, and free. She believes in the wisdom of Qoya and invites us to tap into the freedom to be ourselves, to play, to let go and move the way our bodies want to move – “If it feels good, you’re doing it right!”

Taylor Tollner

Taylor fell in love with yoga while she was pregnant with her son. Through the physical asana she found a sense of connection to her most authentic Self.  Ever since, she has committed to share with others how to live Yoga embodied; taking their practice off the mat and connecting with their truth.


This, for her, is the greatest gift of yoga.  Taylor is passionate about living an active lifestyle, and believes in the power of nutrition to heal the body.  She is a NASM certified personal trainer, and registered with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200 through Kula Yoga Shala.  She says the greatest gift of teaching is guiding others to their truth, and in turn, raising the vibratory field one conscious practice at a time!

Paola Cala

With a background in Art, Human Rights and Social Work, Pao’s approach to yoga is one that integrates heart, emotion, thought and action into the discovery of one’s greatness. Her classes include philosophy, breath work, chanting, meditation and movement, guiding her students into the discovery of their own talents, to uncover their own power and to connect to all life with a kind, compassionate and loving heart.


Her intention is to bring the essence of yoga into a simple practical way of living through the cultivation of awareness, food education and soulful practices. Pao especializes in teaching: Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Kids Yoga, Meditation and Plant Based Lifestyle coaching, she works with groups and private clients. 

Neil Colledge

I started my yoga journey in 2017. I was randomly invited to a heated power yoga class. When practice was over it hit me that my mind was completely quiet during shavasana. Maybe for the first time ever. When I walked outside the sky was more blue, there trees more green, and overall the world was just more vibrant.


From their I continued regular practice, traveled to India and got to practice just outside of Rishikesh. The following year I completed yoga teacher training and have been spreading this practice everywhere I go. Yoga allows us to slow the mind, be the observer, and move from a still center, instead of letting life drag us around. Join me on the mat as we cultivate love, compassion, understanding, and most importantly self discovery.

Dara Lorena

Dara has a passion for yoga and healthy living. She has been teaching yoga, registered with Yoga Alliance (200RYT), since July 2017. She teaches a variety of styles including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin all over south Florida. With a background and education in the fields of Social Work and Nutrition, she has a deep appreciation not only the physical benefits of yoga asana, but also the mental and spiritual healing benefits of a holistic yoga practice; and strives to incorporate all of these aspects into each class she leads. She finds so much joy, love, and light in her yoga practice, and hopes to be a part of bringing the same to others through their practice. Outside of teaching yoga, Dara is a fourth grade school teacher, nature lover, and enjoys spending her free time at the beach, on the water, doing acro-yoga, and traveling as much as possible.

Jennifer DiTerlizzi Basing

Jennifer is a 2019 graduate of Kula’s YTT 200 hour course. Jennifer found her passion for Yoga through a tumultuous time in her life, which became the practice that created her love for yoga. Yoga became a life force for her that changed her life for the better and kindled her desire to become a Yoga Teacher. She wanted to be able to share the transformative gift of Yoga to others.

“Yoga is such a powerful practice that helped me begin a deeper healing journey. Being a Yoga Teacher is inspiring my students to create an atmosphere of self-inquiry. To find those deep spaces we tuck away and hold the space for each student to look deeper within and discover that everything we need is within us. Through my Training to become a teacher, I discovered my singing voice, my personal strength and power and self-love.

I offer a space of practice and healing for every student to deep dive into their personal journey and meet each and every student where they are at. Yoga is truly the journey and discovery of self, Namaste.

Jennifer’s Yoga practice is to bring the healing activation of Yoga and the Magic of crystal Singing bowl energy through Asana practice and sacred song. You will find her singing Sanskrit Mantras in every Shavasana to bring the vibration of song to ease stress, and help achieve inner healing, connection and higher levels of consciousness.

Dakota Dawkins

Dakota has developed a deep connection with the practice of yoga over the last 8 years; experiencing the many mental, emotional, and physical benefits. Now he shares these ancient teachings of the yoga tradition with you. His classes take a grounded and heart-centered approach as you are encouraged to drop into the present moment and recognize the true essence of yoga which lies in the meaning of the word; union. Empowering a sense of union within the body and mind is fundamental to his teaching. Meditation, mindful movement, sound healing, breathwork, and philosophical concepts are often explored to give you an array of tools and practices to inspire a sense of union within the many aspects of yourself (mental, emotional, physical, intellectual). Dakota’s classes are open to all levels and ages, the only requirements are an open mind and beating heart!

Rita Samaniego



Yoga has heightened my level of awareness to its teachings and has given me the emotional intelligence to reflect, and to be less  reactive to situations that dont serve me. Yoga encourages me to take more moments of pause. Coming  from a therapy background,  my perception of yoga was narrowed and viewed from an anatomical and structural point lacking  its purpose of connection to mind, body, and breath. Through its teachings,  I’ve learned to connect all as one with discipline and practice on and off my mat.  For the past 20 years, I have worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant and I am proud to have completed the YTT of 2020 from Kula.

I am humbly grateful to all of my supporters including my teachers, mentors , and family for embracing me throughout my growing process.

I strive to be diverse in my practice by implementing therapy techniques , and creative sequencing with a purposeful push, all while respectfully honoring you where you are . 

I embrace the unknown and uncertainties of life with faith in my heart, and will forever remain a student. 

Jacquelyn Myrin



Jacquelyn’s interest in yoga started when she was 16 years old. She didn’t know at the time what drew her to a yoga practice besides that it helped calm her anxiety. She realized that breath and movement were powerful tools then but didn’t fully understand what was happening at a deeper level until much later. Throughout her twenties, she meandered through life’s ups and downs and found herself always coming back to her yoga practice. It wasn’t until right before she turned 30 that she wanted to dive deeper into understanding the experience she was having on the yoga mat and to really be able to learn how to take yoga off the mat. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 at Kula Yoga Shala. Since then she has been teaching yoga and meditation in a corporate wellness setting. In addition, she has furthered her education by taking a pre-natal yoga certification course and a yin training course. 

Jacquelyn has been a personal and group fitness trainer since 2012. She feels that her background and knowledge in this profession help her keep her yoga classes safe and fun.  She is also the owner of Total Wellness Within, a company that specializes in offering her wide variety of services in the corporate setting.

Pasha Niroo

​10 years ago, I was struggling with depression, obesity, addiction, and ADHD. By some

miraculous grace of the universe, I ended up in India at an Osho Meditation Center.

I spent a year in India and traveling abroad, losing 100 pounds, and totally transforming my

outlook on life. Afterwards, I spent 7 years training and living in a meditation and therapy

institute in the Netherlands called the Humaniversity. There I received training in several

ancient and modern therapeutic and meditative techniques to support personal growth.

I am immensely grateful for the unconditional love that I have received on my journey.

Especially from the founder of the Humaniversity, Veeresh. Even though he has left his body, I

can close my eyes, feel his love and tears of gratitude just fall from my eyes. I cannot explain

these tears, but they leave me with so much gratitude and the wish to share the love that I

have received. I look forward to being in a space where we can share our hearts, quiet our

minds, grow, and ultimately become friends.

Steve Garrity

I first stumbled upon yoga at a BJJ gym in 2018. It was a nice way to chill out after sparring sessions. But after accumulating a few injuries I reluctantly said goodbye to BJJ and yoga went with it. Fast forward a couple years and I found myself in a rut. Old patterns of thought and behavior no longer served me. In fact, they were working against me! Change was needed. 


As I went in search of a solution I was again introduced to yoga, but this time the motivation was different. I found that my yoga mat offered a space free from outside distractions to connect with my body and center my mind. I was inspired to go deeper. As I set off on a quest to learn more about yoga I discovered a rich tradition of philosophy and practice that tackled some of life’s biggest questions and challenges. 

I came to understand that Yoga is a path leading to healing, growth, and wholeness. More than anything this has been an experiential journey through the mind, body, and spirit; from darkness to light. I’ve been overwhelmed by the freedom and peace this practice has brought to my life. 


And so it is an honor to turn around and offer this gift to others from a space of deep gratitude and respect for the traditions and for those individuals that have carried them forward.

Lana Pinto

I initially became interested in yoga for exercise. To my surprise, yoga delivered so much more. I found that intentional breath and movement could have a substantial impact on how I was feeling. Thus, I began a practice of breathing, moving, feeling, allowing ease, inviting curiosity, being still, and just simply being.


I attended my first in-person yoga class about a year later in 2016, here at Kula. It was such a great experience to practice alongside others in person-in a community. I continued to take classes and grow my yoga practice on and off the mat.

In the spring of 2022, I joined the yoga teacher training at Kula, and received a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. From a simple, clearing breath, to the deep well that yoga is, I have learned that there resides an invitation in yoga. There is an invitation to open, grow, notice, love, accept, and come back to wholeness.


I am delighted to be a part of the community at Kula Yoga Shala, not only as a teacher but as a forever student. My intention is to teach with a welcoming and grounded presence and ease.

Ali Coulas

For me, teaching and practicing yoga is a vehicle of self-expression in its most divine essence. Even more so, it has awakened an energetic force of inner power & potential, yogis know as prana, that has been so life-giving. Each time I show up to my mat, I deepen this connection with my soul's truth & like a compass, it guides me through life's journey.


As a birth-worker, I have gratefully been witness to over a thousand beings birthed into this Earthly realm. I recognized the same magic (prana) awaken within women during childbirth -time & time again, and now, with clarity, see it as a conduit for spiritual transformation & transcendence.

My prenatal yoga class is a devotion to honoring childbirth as a sacred rite of passage, as well as, an offering to women as they journey into motherhood. My intention is to be a guiding light on the path to awakening. My wish is that all the moms, the moms that were, are, & will be, not only be free from suffering, but be spiritually transformed within the divine feminine matrix of creation.


I guide my students to drop into their own present experience through meditation, conscious breathing & movement, sprinkled with embodiment practices that integrate the mind, body, & spirit.


I'm here to remind you that you are safe, supported, & more powerful than you could ever imagine. You are pure magic, mama!


Jai Ma 

Grace Morano


As a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and an NSCA certified personal trainer, I have always had a passion for anything that gets me moving and challenges me mentally and physically.

From working out in the gym, running half marathons and even competing in bodybuilding, I have always come back to yoga. It has helped me meet anxiety with peace, create space and let go, and to develop a deeper connection with myself.


For me, yoga brings me back home. I hope that my class will be a light on your journey home, as well.

Branden Singleton


For me, holding the seat of a teacher while remaining a forever student is what life is all about. Creating and seizing opportunities to channel wisdom through my heart to whomever is open to receive it while being aware that the lessons coming through are often just what I need to hear myself.


Teaching students that they are their own teachers and I am a student of theirs is my ultimate goal of teaching. 

Kaela Browne

As I’ve heard from many others, I found yoga during a very hard time of my life at 18 years old. Dealing with immense grief from loss of a family member, I stumbled upon a traditional ashtanga vinyasa practice. 


With devotion to the practice, I soon realized this was not only a great workout but a deeper way to align mind, body, spirit. A way to return home to  my essence by aligning the mind and heart. After a few years of solely practicing traditional ashtanga vinyasa, I began to branch out to many different types of yoga like organic vinyasa, 26&2, yin, restorative, breath-work, chanting, ecstatic dance, the list goes on. 

I began to appreciate the multitude of different paths of yoga for the multidimensional beings we are, all with a common thread to return home to our essence. As Johnny Kest has shared, “You stop seeing the poses as idealized linear shapes that you try to achieve, but as tools for learning and moving towards a deeper level of self-understanding and acceptance. You no longer use your body to get into a pose, but instead use the pose to get into your body.” 


My goal in teaching is to create a safe environment using the asanas to develop more bodily awareness and acceptance while diving deeper into self. I offer a short themed message for you to incorporate on and off the mat before flowing through a fun, dynamic, and powerful flow syncing breath to movement.


Tina Bate

As an occupational therapist with a focus on mobility and strength training, I've always loved helping others to feel more at home in their bodies.  However, traditional therapies began to feel a bit lacking.  As I watched my patients struggle to find true comfort, I recognized the need for a more integrated and spirit-minded approach to healing.  This recognition led me to acquire my 200-hour yoga teaching certification (where I learned more about both the functional elements of the human body and the healing capacity of ancient yogic techniques), and an empowerment coaching certification (which trained me deeply in the art of heart-centered communication and the power of the mind-body connection).

I enjoy combining my experience as a therapist and yoga training to help others gain insight into how to move both intentionally and safely through specific cues, intelligent sequencing, and eclectic inspiration. It’s important to provide an encouraging and supportive space for my students to explore with curiosity yoga as a healing, transformative practice, and be able to take this out of the studio and into everyday life. I truly believe that the greatest gift I can offer as a yoga teacher is to empower others to know that “The best teacher is the one that resides inside yourself!”

Jesse Gold

Jesse's movement journey began with watching his father's morning porch yoga practices as a child, planting a seed for exploring the human condition, our potential & pushing the boundaries + physical expression.


After discovering Bikram and transitioning to Ashtanga yoga, he found immense value for his body & mind by utilizing the breath-body connection vinyasa yoga provided. 


Inspired through consistent practice, Jesse continued on his journey of exploring human potential & movement, taking workshops hosted by world-class movement teachers, contortionists, gymnasts… you name it!

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